Eye Donation

Eye donation is donating the eyes after a person’s death. Eyes are very valuable part of a human being, which should not be wasted either by burning or burying the body. Donation of the eyes gives sight to TWO Corneally blind persons, enabling them to come out of their dark and dreary life into a life full of colors, a life where they can see and enjoy this beautiful world!

Points worth to be noted
1. Persons of any Age/Sex can donate their eyes
2. Persons who have undergone surgery for Cataract, Glaucoma or using Spectacles can also pledge and donate their eyes.
3. Eyes should be donated preferably within SIX hours after the death.
4. Nobody is charged for making eye donation.
5. Face will NOT get disfigured after eye donation. As per the new procedures, only Cornea portion is removed and hence face disfigurement does not happen.
6. Immediate family members or relatives can donate the eyes of the deceased even if the deceased had not pledged for eye donation during his/her life time.
7. Eyes can be donated to any eye bank in India but preferably to the nearest eye bank to avoid delays.
8. TWO Corneally blind persons can get sight due to a single person's eye donation.

“Eyes are a precious gift to a person. But the same eyes bring misery when misused or when they are lost. A wise man utilizes that gift while alive and on death too”.

- A famous poet.