I am very happy with the results and now I am encouraging my friends to get LASIK done. Ten minutes of being in the laser room and a lifetime of happiness.

Vinita Babra - 31 yrs, Mktg Executive, Delhi



I was a bit scared initially but the surgery was painless and now I see clearly than I did before with contacts. It is a relief to not be dependent on glasses and lenses and I
experienced Normal vision.

Deepak Kirpane - 22 yrs, Student, Mumbai


It was wonderful and the vision is totally regained. Initially one should have seem me. I was so scared but after the laser now life has changed totally. I think every person who wears glasses and lenses & is looking forward to having normal vision should consider Lasik. Thanks to all the Doctors & the staff they were really helpful.

Savitri Podal - 34 yrs, House wife, Kerala